Picture I took while burning a house down. legally. (2592×1944)

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I’ve been at a party where we had a bonfire that was mistaken for a house fire. The county cops showed up with the fire department and threatened to take the land owner to jail. We had notified the authorities that we were during a large controlled burn, but the word didn’t get spread around….

Background: my friends and I used to have a gathering for fireworks every year which we called Firefest. We’d do it the weekend after July 4th in order to pick up on the deals. This turned into a larger event that spanned the whole weekend with gaming, grilling, bonfires and fireworks.

Many years ago now, it had been held on a relative to one of my friends x-mas tree farm. They saved all of their dead trees from the previous holiday and we used them to hold a giant bonfire. I never measured it, but a good guess would be 40 yards long, 13 yards wide, and probably 4 yards tall…. The heat coming off this fire was intense. Too bad we never did another one iris big!

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