Methane is bubbling from lakes all over the warming Arctic. Here ecologist Katey Walter Anthony (at right) ignites a large bubble that was trapped by the fall freeze—then freed by an ice pick.

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We’ve got lots of Captain Planet’s.

Transgenic crops can feed billions with less land use than regular crops. Meanwhile, they’ll keep people better nourished, thicken the soil, improve economies, improve biodiversity, and reduce the need for pesticide and fertiliser.

Norman Borlaug. He’s saved an estimated billion lives.

The more you know about nuclear power, the less afraid of it you become. We can stop tearing mountains down for coal and tearing nations apart for oil. We can stop burning the four cubic miles of fossil fuels per year that we do now with solutions that are so slick, so efficient, that a piece of fuel the size of a coke can can power your lifetime’s need of energy. Meanwhile, they’ll be safer than they’ve ever been (currently, they kill thousands of times fewer people than coal, oil, and natural gas, and slightly fewer people than wind and solar. And we can make them even safer.)

Nathan Myhrvold of Terrapower, the students at MIT who founded Transatomic Power, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Westinghouse, GE, etc.

Electric cars with advanced construction techniques (oh my god, too much information on the subject to communicate. Check out Reinventing Fire by Amory Lovins).

Elon Musk ^

We can make concrete better. We can build giant cylinders that exchange heat between layers of the ocean that have turned to deserts and bring them back to life. We can release benign sulphur compounds into the upper atmosphere above the polar ice caps to reflect light and bring the ice back (when Mt. Penetubo erupted, it did basically this; global temperatures dropped .5C, and the next year saw a big, healthy cohort of polar bears). There is SO much we can do. And we’re doing it. And we are not doing it fast enough. But we will. (But by then hundreds of millions of people will have died from disease and starvation. So it isn’t exactly all rainbows and sunshine.)

Oh, and also Bill Gates is a fucking superhero.

ps. Consider getting a copy of [Whole Earth Discipline, by Stewart Brand](

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