Made this little fireball about 8 years ago. The other day my gf pointed out the girl wearing a wedding gown and veil.

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This is going to sound ridiculous but I made them with a tea candle, some matches, and a bit of water.

I discovered the trick by accident. I had a tea candle going and was slowly adding unlit matches to it, kinda like building a small bonfire on top of it. After it had been sitting like that for awhile I got bored and without thinking, poured a little bit of water on it to extinguish the flame (excuse my stupidity, I was about 15-16 at the time). The second the water hit the wax it exploded. I assume the match bonfire got the wax extremely hot and when I poured the cool water on it… you know. The little hairs coming off the fireball are tiny wax droplets. I’m not sure if the phosphorous in the matches that we’re submerged played any roll in it. In the end I could make some massive fireballs with those little candles, the largest getting >6ft tall. I tried to recreate them a few years ago with little to no success. Maybe the brand of candle and wax composition. I’d like to try again some time since I now have a DSLR.

Sorry for the ramble and lack of formatting, I’m replying on my phone.

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