Chechnya’s Tallest Building Engulfed In Flames

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>Don’t give me this “it’s not possible for people to keep secrets” bullshit.

I never said that. I may have jokingly implied it with my silence the silencers. But that specific ‘conspiracy’ (about wiring up the buildings) would require a massive effort to do it properly, and no matter how compartmentalized the operation workers would soon become aware of either the conspiracy and begin to think – or on their own think “hey we drilled and cut out a shitton of steel in those buildings that collapsed killing a whole lot of people”

>How many Zoroastrians have you ever met?

None, but there is no doubt as to the religions existence, and it’s history. There is also plenty of accurate information available if i would like to learn.

>simply pointing out that millions of people do things amongst their fellows without you ever knowing.

This is true, there are huge networks of drug traffickers and dealers, some i may have known or passed by on the street or highway, But! they know exactly what they are doing, they are aware they are committing a crime, they are aware it is a secret. I do things that nobody or not many people are aware of, everybody does, you are driving home the point that liquid water is wet, it’s obvious secrets exist.

I’m not saying it is not possible, but compartmentalized or not the workforce required to do what that theory suggests would leave too many loose ends, loose ends with guilt, a conscious. There is just too much variability from person to person to ensure everyone would stay silent and not think, especially when it involves a massive death toll.

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