Top 1000 Desert Pictures

Desert Safari near Dubai

Source: [Safari Desert in Dubai]( by [Kimi Nguyen]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( Request for [Royalty Free License](

Sand Dune Vision (1920×1080)

Something else: is stuff like this: allowed here too ? — AWAPA stands for **Awsome Wallpaper, Art & Photo Archive** **They are all previews of my HUGE (~20GB) pack I’m going to upload as soon as I have a fast upload.** (but could

Bird’s Eye View of Namib Desert at Sunrise, Namibia

Source: [NAMIBIA BIRDS EYE SUNRISE]( by [James Gradwell]( on [](

Big Southern Butte, Idaho

For some reason Mountain Project has fuck all for bouldering on it. If you know a guide book or can ask a friend for some reference to a website that has some that would be totally fucking awesome.

A patch of green among the sandstone formations in White Pocket

Source: [White Pocket Oasis]( by [Michael Villa ]( on [](

A Lone Tree in the UAE Desert

Okay, so what I’m curious about is this. If this particular tree is capable of growing in the desert, under desert conditions, why isn’t the desert covered with them (essentially making it a forest)? What is the limitation? Is it too much sand? Not

Dubai Dunes

Source: [Dubai Dunes]( by [Richard Smith]( on [](

Death Valley Dunes

Source: [Death Valley Dunes]( by [Pat Kofahl]( on [](

“Where two elements collide”

To clarify–I know that we’re not a part of the SFW Porn network. The rules of this particular subreddit are made to emulate the rules of the SFW Porn network, because they’re some of clearest rules around and are already laid down and accepted.

Walking along a dune in the Sahara

Source: [Sahara desert]( by [Victoria Rogotneva]( on [](